Episode 3: Austin Chen, Electronic Chillstep- Troy High


Austin Chen

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.47.15 PM

School: Troy High School, CA

Sound cloudhttps://soundcloud.com/acxle

Youtube channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU76ofnYILqphD3TbyNx96A

Interview: This week I interviewed Austin Chen about his process of creating his music, specifically his newest EP, Embrace, and his most popular song Nanobyte. To listen to the interview Click Here.

Highlights from the Interview:

  • Software used: Logic Pro (for Mac)
    • First began with Garage Band, but worth it to buy Logic Pro
    • Learned via youtube tutorials and fidgeting with it
  • Duration of creating a song: 2 hours – 3 weeks
  • Inspiration: Gaming music
  • Starting playing piano at 4 years old
  • Self learning the cello
  • Believes music can bring people together
  • Wants to somehow combine his love of music and science
  • Advice: Make music you like.

Featured Songs:

Austin Chen – Code Name Vivaldi – The Piano Guys – Cover (The Piano Guys)

Austin Chen -Nanobyte – N/A – Original 

 Austin Chen – Observe – Embrace – Original

Austin Chen- Dream – Embrace -Original

Austin Chen – Follow – Embrace – Original

Austin Chen – Embrace – Embrace – Original

Austin Chen- Skyline – N/A -Original

Austin Chen- Gift – N/A -Original

Austin Chen- Angel – N/A -Original

Austin Chen- Overlook – N/A -Original

Austin Chen x Alyssa Goh- Issues – Single – Cover (Julia Michaels)

Austin Chen- Love Yourself x I’m Not the Only One x Growing Up (Sloane’s Song)- Purpose x In the Lonely Hours x The Unruly Mess I’ve Made – Cover (Justin Bieber x Sam Smith x Macklemore)

Austin Chen- Unity – Single – Cover (TheFatRat)

Austin Chen- Lean On – NBA2K16 – Cover (DJ Snake & Major Lazer)

Austin Chen- Middle – Encore – Cover (DJ Snake)

Austin Chen- Stargazing – N/A -Original

Austin Chen- Xenogenesis – Single – Cover (TheFatRat)

Austin Chen- Stay With Me – In The Lonely Hour – Cover (Sam Smith)


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