Episode 5 – The Bummers

The Bummers are a New Orleans rock band. Their most recent single features a lyrical blend of reality and fiction, and a musical fusion of influences ranging from Violent Soho and Danzig to Young Thug. This week I interviewed Ben Shooter from The Bummers and talked about their 2 EPs, The Bummers and Bottle With a Rose, and their latest single, Severus. 


Spotify :  Youtube  : Band Camp  :  Soundcloud 

 Facebook : Instagram

School: Tulane University

Band Members:

  •  Sean “Dong” Doyle – vocals, guitar
  • Ben Shooter – vocals, guitar
  • Clay Hakes – bass
  • Sean Kenahan – drums

Interview Highlights

  • The Bummers’ Album Cover is a drawing of an unflattering picture of their former bandmate
  • Telescope’s lyric: “Looking through my telescope/ Sunday morning smoking dope” is innately meaningless, but existentially meaningful.
  • Severus was inspired by politics, trap music, and Severus Snape, from Harry Potter.
  • Advice for musicians: Collaborate with other musicians. Don’t view them as your competition, view them as opportunity.


EP #1 The Bummersbum

Twisted Eyes

She’s Pretty When She Smokes

Giving Me a Reason

Everybody Knows

My Friends Are Drunk


EP #2 Bottle With a Rosebum

Bottle With a Rose






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