Episode 6 – Kyan Palmer

Pop/R&B Singer songwriter. First single “Burn Mona Lisa” was for a school project and ended up amassing over 2.3M plays on Spotify. New song “Hidden Feelings” out now!

Spotify : Youtube : Soundcloud : Google Play : iTunes

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School: Arizona State University (ASU)

Interview Highlights:

  • Kyan’s name is pronounced “Key-On”
  • Was going to be a professional golfer
  • Kyan’s ASU thesis project was creating his first song, Burn Mona Lisa.
  • Burn Mona Lisa was recorded at a basement that his Barber referred him to
  • Kyan’s music are mainly love songs gone wrong because if they were love songs gone right, he would be married with kids by now.
  • Lyrics are the primary focus
  • Hit List is about those that use you when they need you, then forget you
  • Hidden Feelings is Kyan’s most vulnerable song yet
  • The cover art of Hidden Feelings is based on the lyric, “I hide beneath these smoky clouds”
  • Advice for musicians: 1st ask your friends if you’re actually good. Then decide if you want to make this a career or hobby. If you want to make this a career, you have to give it your all.

 Burn Mona Lisa

burn mona lisa

Hit List


Hidden Feelings

hidden feelings

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