Episode 7- After Hours Radio

We are an indie/alternative act that formed while studying at the university of michigan. We like to write groove heavy songs with dense production and catchy hooks. We have a new EP that we are releasing in September to follow up our debut EP. Our latest single, Systemic was recorded in the studios of the U of M with a student of the PAT program.

Spotify : Soundcloud : Band Camp : Youtube

WebsiteFacebook : Twitter : Instagram

School: University of Michigan

Band Members:

  • Greg Hughes – Bass Guitar
  • Nate Erickson – Guitar, Effects, Vocals
  • Jordan Compton – Keyboard, Synthesizer
  • Sean Batts – Drums
  • Geoffrey Smith-Woollams – Visual Art, Graphic Design

Interview Highlights

  • Band formed by meeting in student housing cooperatives
  • Sean was a former college DJ and had a late night show, which was the main inspiration for the band’s name
  • 2 former band mates moved to Japan and one moved back to Peru
  • Songs are typically made by focusing first on the instrumentals (playing rifts, improvisational jam sessions), then create lyrics
  • They don’t write sheet music, but use a field recorder to go back and hear what they created during their jam sessions
  • Dr. Mind was inspired by a bad psychedelic trip
  • Nate likes juxtaposing the melody and the lyrical content so that the feelings one has wouldn’t magnify. Many of their songs including Limbo exemplify this.
  • Systemic is a response to the police brutality and non-violent drug incarcerations that were occurring during the time they wrote it.
  • Their upcoming EP, What Happened, will be about growth and change
  • Advice to musicians:
    • Do it because you love it
    • Keep trying, Keep Failing
    • Don’t be afraid to experiment
    • Just jam

EP #1: After Hours Radio

Single: Systemic

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