Episode 9 – Voluntary Madness

The members of Voluntary Madness have backgrounds in Business, Finance, Psychology, Math, Economics, Communications, and Music Performance. The forum of us come form different Colleges, but all came from the same high school in Elmhurst, Il. We write songs remotely, but will get together for recording and jam sessions. Our taste in music is based in alternative rock, but we are inspired by music of all genres, favorite artists including The Menzingers, Motion City Soundtrack, Coldplay, K. Flay, My Chemical Romance, and many more. “Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness”- Seneca.

Soundcloud : Bandcamp : Facebook : Twitter

School: Elmhurst College, University of Illinois, and St Olaf

Band Members:

  • Alex Matkovic
  • Dana Chamberlin
  • Nathan Wolfe

Interview Highlights:

  • Band’s name was inspired by a Greek Philosopher’s, Seneca, quote : “Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness”
  • The album’s name, Something Worth Writing, is from a Ben Franklin quote, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
  • The album is about the 2nd puberty people go through after college
  • Use Logic X to produce their music
  • Poison Routine was about to be called Hair of the Dog which is an Irish saying that to cure rabies you must get the hair of the dog that bit you
  • Treasure Troves was inspired by the passing away of Dana’s Aunt
  • The “PBR” in PBR And Pressure’s On (Narrow Victories) stands for the PBR beer that is opened in the beginning of the song
  • Summer Song is about being unable to enjoy summer because of the anxiety of having to plan for the future
  • Battle Cry! was sung by Abby, who was originally supposed to be part of the band, but had no time
  • Advice to aspiring musicians:
    • Be honest and true to yourself
    • No one starts off great, so just start

Album: Something Worth Writing

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