Episode 10 -Darien Campo

5th year senior at Western Oregon University preparing to graduate with a BS in Visual Communication Design, but my real passion is in music. I primarily write soundtracks for film studio Body in the Window Seat where I push myself to keep trying new and unfamiliar tricks and concepts in my scores. I think a lot of mainstream films opt for obvious musical choices and miss an opportunity to expand their movie with the score, so I love playing with irony and clashing emotions in my soundtracks to create a more interesting mood. I enjoy arranging covers in a way that deviates from the original track. It’s fun re-imagining pre-existing songs in your own musical voice. I’m also on the verge of releasing an album with my new lo-fi indie pop/rock band, Radio Macbeth.

Bandcamp : Facebook 

School: Western Oregon University

Interview Highlights:

  • Makes original scores, songs, and covers
  • Involved in a film production group called Body in the Window Seat, a band called Radio Macbeth, and makes covers on his free time
  • Software used: Reaper
  • Doesn’t want to be categorized in one genre. Wants to try going into the synth pop genre
  • Wanted to write the sappiest pop song he possibly could when making (I’ve Got) No Clue What to Do
  • For making soundtracks/scores for films, learned to make the music enhance the film rather than taking the spotlight
  • Has an unhealthy obsession for Radiohead
  • Believes that covers of songs shouldn’t mimic the original, but make the cover distinct from the original
  • Advice to aspiring musicians: you will suck in the beginning; everyone sucks in the beginning. Practice

Dalibor, the Yugo Cowboy Original Score

A Life Not Fit for Love

Misfortune County

(I’ve Got) No Clue What To Do

A Southern Eulogy – Original Score

Nude (Radiohead Cover)

Brave (Jonathan Coulton Cover)

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