Radio Macbeth

Radio Macbeth is Darien Campo and Declan Hertel. Lo-fi Indie Pop/Rock from Oregon.

Bandcamp : WebsiteSoundcloud : Spotify : Youtube

Instagram : Facebook : Twitter 

School: Western Oregon University

Interview Highlights: 

  • The band name, “Radio Macbeth” was completely random. Declan creates a list of potential band names on his phone
  • Used to be music snobs in high school, but opened up to pop in college
  • Darien wants to talk about personal things without people knowing what he’s talking about. So he uses abstract lyrics and metaphors
  • Darien likes writing about things he is scared about
  • 20 Scholars is Darien’s thought of the people in charge are as scared as him
  • Declan writes about girls, self-loathing, and self-loathing about girls
  • Darien and Declan both like listeners to create their own meaning rather than telling people what their songs are about
  • If Declan tells Darien, “That sounds so gross,” Darien knows he’s on the right track
  • “It’s digital, it’s free” was their unofficial motto for this album
  • Zapruder parallels the unbelievable event of JFK’s assassination with the unbelievable feeling of love loss
  • Ophelia was influenced by the Shakespeare play, Hamlet
  • Cephalaphoria is a made up word for Cephalophore meaning a saint statue who is depicted carrying his or her own head.
  • Advice to aspiring musicians: Just do the thing. Just do it.

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